15 Signs He Is the Guy You Have Been Looking For


  1. He Is Funny:

Sense of humor is the ultimate sign of intelligence and a good personality. You will know it when you meet the perfect guy. He will know when to crack a joke and when to make fun of a situation that is not offensive to anyone for that matter.

  1. He Is A Man:

Not in terms of gender, but in terms of actions. Some men are man-child men who need constant care; someone to help them take care of themselves. Your perfect guy will be independent and will only need a partner to share his life with.

  1. He Has A Loving Family:

He not only has a loving family but he also does whatever it needs to keep up with them. He is a family guy. Men typically tend to run away from the perpetual care of their parents to not look bad in front of the world but he has a very different and better perspective in this case.

  1. He Is Up For It:

He is not afraid of being in a relationship and does not dread having a partner. He, just like you, wants someone who would complement him and help him get through life. His definitions of love and companionship do not scare him.

  1. He Has A Career:

The right guy will know better than to waste the good years of his life; he will be career oriented. He will have a plan for the future (or the near future, at least) which will make you want to be with him even more. Even if he does not have a career yet, he will be working hard for it.

  1. He Has Healthy Hobbies:

Be it any sport or a fun-time activity, he will have something to do in his spare time that will make him even more interesting. Guys who sit at home and do no good to themselves and the society are automatically less attractive.

  1. He Is Stable:

Not financially but emotionally, the right guy will be calm and stable. Casual anxieties and normal reactions are healthy but constant fretting over small matters and insecurities in a relationship are not. He will have almost everything sorted out.