9 Signs that You’re Getting Manipulated in Your Relationship


When you’re in a relationship where all rational thinking and reason has just gone down the drain and your love for the person beside you overshadows everything else, it becomes pretty hard to actually set a limit on how much you can take. You remain confused over what should be accepted as love and care and what should be addressed as emotional abuse and manipulation. Sure, we’ve all had our crazy moments, we’ve all been over the edge, and we’ve all acted like some kind of a psychopath in our relationships at one time or another!

But when the following actions seem to be a constant part of your relationship, then it’s time to be alarmed and consciously work towards changing things.

  1. Your partner needs to know what you’re doing, where you are and who you’re with at all times

Now we’re not saying that you should be like one of those indifferent couples who have no interest whatsoever in their partner’s life. It’s good to share stuff, tell each other about your day and know the people your partner hangs out with. But if you’re always being questioned about the smallest of things, like that one time you forgot to tell him/her about the 20 minute lunch break with your co-workers or the time you didn’t mention that friend you saw for 5 minutes at the mall you were shopping in, then you seem to have a problem at hand! All of us have busy lives, lots of work to do and different people to meet. And no one has the right to make you feel guilty about not telling them things that don’t even matter to you in the first place.

  1. They don’t leave a chance to go through your phone, Facebook chats, and basically just any medium of communication you may have with the outside world

You go to the bathroom for 5 minutes and when you return, your partner has seized the opportunity to go through each and every conversation you’ve ever had. You can’t even blame them completely because you were the one who decided to give them all your passwords in the first place. You thought it wouldn’t matter; you thought it’s just a way to build trust or a way to show them what they mean to you.

But now you’re sitting in your room, with a person who has no regard for your privacy and not only did they have the audacity to scan your phone thoroughly, they’ll also feel the need to comment on the conversations they read – whether they were with your friends, your cousins or even your little sister.