Anil Kumble not happy with Kohli, 5th Test 2016

Indian head coach Anil Kumble was not impressed with the tactics Indian skipper Virat Kohli made in the final hour of the game. There were 12 overs left to negotiate for England and they had two wickets in hand. Kumble wanted something else for sure.

He was seen pointing out towards the ground after the over finished. He wanted Kohli to do something different than what he was doing in the center. The results were came in India’s favor at the end. They won the game and the series as well.Now as per the details Kimble wanted a change in the bowling and fielding tactics which Virat Kohli was implying in the final hour. There were 12 overs left in the day’s play and Indian wanted to get the remaining two wickets to seal off he game in their favor.

Previously Yadav was bowling against Buttler and he hit two bouncers on the last two balls. The reason was that Yadav wanted Buttler not to rotate strike. He wanted Broad to face Jadeja from the other end. Now this was really rational thinking from the pacer. He was absolutely right here. Buttler could have pulled any of the two balls but then he did not want to take the risk. There were not much wickets left to play such kind of a shot. So he decided not to go after any of the two short balls Yadav bowled.

This leaded to Jadeja bowling the next over. Now Kumble as per some sources wanted Ashwin to bowl as well. But there is no doubt that Jadeja had a brilliant spell and he took a 7 wicket haul in the innings. This is also his career best performance in test cricket.

When Yadav completed his over Kumble was seen pointing out at something inside the ground. He was not happy about something and needed it to be changed. Now what exactly he wanted to change is something only he can tell. Also if he had some issues with the captaincy of Kohli then again only he can tell about it. Indian at the end won the game and series. They defeated England 4-0 which is a huge margin. There were a log of talks about England struggling in the batting against India. Over all it was not their batting but bowling which has failed. England batting was not that mild. They did well in all the five test matches. The bowling could not do much. Even the spinners looked helpless.