Fox News Reporter Alina Moine Accidentally Showed Her Underwear On Live TV (Video)

Wardrobe malfunctions are so common these days. During the Olympic preview broadcast for Brazil’s Fox Olimpico, Fox news reporter Alina Moine presented a bit more than what was expected. This Brazilian beautiful host accidentally lifted up her dress while discussing on live Television. Fortunately, she was wearing underwear underneath that black dress. She managed it really well after that mistake, must say. Read out the whole story!

Fox news reporter Aline Moine experienced an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.


This incident happened last year but it got viral lately.


It has been watched over 800,000 times now.

The discussion was going all nice along with her co-host before this embarrassing incident.


She lifted her dress unknowingly and showing the world more than she wanted to.


The viewers after this wardrobe malfunction be like…


She played it really well and continued the discussion as if nothing happened.


Is this a publicity stunt? If yes then Well played.


The thing that strikes me is that this was a recorded programme so why didn’t they cut out this part?

Check out the video for more!