Hafeez takes wicket of Ahmad Shahzad, National ODI Cup 2016

Mohammad Hafeez has started bowling again in the domestic cricket in Pakistan. He bowled first in the Quaid E Azam trophy a month ago and now he is bowling in the ongoing National ODI cup. In this game against HBL he took two wickets.

Ahmad Shahzad was out to him as well. This was another good ball from Hafeez. This was indeed a wicket taking one. He is definitely doing a great job here. Hafeez is certainly planning to get back into the Pakistan side for the Australian ODI and T20 games.Now Ahmad Shahzad was not happy with this decision. He thought the ball was going down the leg side. Hafeez was bowling around the wicket and there was always a chance of him bowling down the leg side. But this one was not one of those balls.

This one was pitched on the middle and leg stump line. The ball went straight and this is where it became a wicket taking ball. Had this spun then certainly this would have gone on the leg side and Ahmad would have been right about his protest. But as the ball had zero spin on it. It went straight and the pads and Ahmad was covering all his three stumps. Hafeez made an appeal for the leg before wicket and the umpire raised his finger. Ahmad stood stunned and he then protested against the decision.

He was seen standing and telling the umpire that the ball was going down the leg side. Now that was not the right move from the Pakistani and HBL opener. He has now been fined for his protest as well. Match referee has fined Ahmad Shahzad 20K. Ahmad Shahzad is certainly is in hot waters these days.

Earlier one of his statement regarding the lack of support he got has been drilled by the Pakistani cricket fans. Many of them tagged him as a low caliber player who always finds escape routes rather than facing the criticism. Ahmad needs to change a lot of things within himself. With this attitude and form he is not going anywhere. Mohammad Hafeez on the other hand is making his case strong. He is bowling well. He is getting runs as well. He is putting pressure on the selectors to take him in the side for the Australian series. Now this will be a tough job to select him. Hafeez might not perform as per his plans because he will be playing in Australia and not UAE.