Junaid Khan mind boggling shot, T20 match

Junaid Khan is one of the genuine fast bowlers in Pakistan. He is quick and has the pace to tarnish any opposition in the world. But here it is not about his bowling but batting. He is seen here hitting one of the most amazing shots in cricket.

Junaid Khan was playing for the Abbottabad side and he hit a massive reverse sweep. The ball went all the way for a six. Junaid timed this one so well that there was no chance left for the fielder to do anything for it at all. Beautiful shot from Junaid Khan.

Junaid has been exceptional throughout his career. He has been a terrific bowler and there is no doubt that Pakistan in the limited overs cricket need bowlers like him. He takes wickets and the best quality about is his yorkers. As for this shot the leg spinner bowled this one with a lot of flight. Junaid somehow already had made the shot in his mind. He was ready to execute it. The moment was the ball was released from the bowler Junaid switched to being a left hander.

He whacked the ball hard. He was lucky that the ball hit the middle of his bat. Once the ball met the center of his bat, Junaid knew this one is going a long way. The commentators were pretty stunned to see this shot from Junaid Khan. As for his future, there is a strong chance that he might be selected for the ODI side against Australia. Pakistan is set to play five ODI games against Australia after the ongoing test series. Junaid will have to prove his worth in this series. He has done well in Bangladesh in the recent Bangladesh Premier League. So the selectors might consider his name as well.

All Junaid should be doing is concentrate on his game more. His bowling is in form and he is taking wickets as well. So for him there is always a chance of making it into the national side. He needs no tweets and other stuff to gain the attention of the selectors. Everyone in his electronic era knows about you and your performances. For a player apart from his performances his general behavior counts a lot. Junaid has to keep that thing in his mind. He has made a few mistakes in the past and as a result he faced a lot of criticism by the fans. Now his job should be to just perform and wait for the right time. He will get his chance.