Let him go if he NEVER does these 10 things for you


No relationship is perfect and there can never be an exact set of rules to determine whether the person you’re with is actually the one who was meant to be, the one who should be here to stay, and the one who is truly worth all your time and efforts. But there are still some things that are required in every relationship at one point or the other, if not always. If you feel like your partner NEVER does most of these 10 things, then it’s probably time to let him go.

1. He listens to you

One of the main advantages of being in a relationship is getting a person who will be there through it all, a person who you can call at 3 am in the night just to rant your heart out, and a person who will always listen to whatever you have to say without a single complaint. And this listening doesn’t just involve a simple nodding or shrugging of his shoulders, but he should be able to look deep into your eyes and show consideration and interest in the things you have to say.

2. He lets you have your space

One of the first signs of a toxic relationship is when a partner keeps trying to control the other, and starts to become too dependent and clingy at all times. Both of you need some peace and quiet at times. Both of you need to have some time on your own just to pursue your own interests and passions in life. And both of you need to have a life outside of this relationship as well. And if you feel like your partner tries his best to make sure this never happens, it’s time to start reconsidering your options.

3. He respects your body

The only person who is allowed to have any control over your body is YOU! If you wish to wait some time before getting too physical or if you have set any kind of sexual limitations, he needs to respect them. It’s true that intimacy is a significant part of every relationship but the levels of intimacy you reach should always be based on mutual consent.