Let him go if he NEVER does these 10 things for you


4. He knows how to validate your feelings

Understanding or helping someone out in an emotional situation doesn’t involve dictating them about the reasons behind why they should or shouldn’t be feeling a specific way. Instead, your partner should know how to help you reach your own solutions by providing a safe environment where they acknowledge your actual emotions, and show empathy towards you.

5. He texts you just to check in

It’s not possible for any couple to spend every waking minute of their day together. It’s not always possible for them to talk on call for long hours every day. And it’s not even possible to keep texting each other after every few minutes. But one thing that is totally possible is to send in a message at least once or twice during the day just to let them know you’re thinking about them, just to ask how they’re doing, and just to remind them that there is someone out there who truly cares about them.

6. He knows how to make you laugh

I’m not implying here that your partner needs to be the funniest person on this planet or that he should always have a joke up his sleeve just to amuse you. But if you’ve never shared a single moment where you were just laughing endlessly for no reason, if you’ve never found the same things funny in life or even in a TV show, and if you feel like your partner doesn’t really have the potential to make you laugh, then there’s a high possibility that things are not going to work out too well.

7. He gets along well with your family and friends

It’s not necessary that your partner should be best friends with your siblings and friends or that he should always do things in a way that impresses your parents. But if your partner doesn’t even at least try to build a relationship with them and win them over in some way, then he is definitely not worth your time.