My Heart is young baby

I don’t ask you

To walk the distances with me

To climb the heights with me

To follow my thoughts blindly

I only ask you

To share my madness with me

My life is a melody

And I want to flow like waves

Rising and falling

On the symphony of my beating heart

I want to step lightly


And caper and spring

My life is a melody

And I want you to waltz with me

My mind is thirsty and soul parched

So, let them soak and soak them all

The dazzling beams of heavenly light

My ears crave sweetness

Oh, let them drink and deeply on

The sweet tunes and jingling noise

I was so caught up

In this world

Now, let me lose myself

In the strange music of this universe

And move my feet on it.

My heart is so young

It throbs with the song of the world

And I only ask you

To lose yourself

come and show your madness

savour this ecstasy

And be my madness with me