Saqlain shares a funny incident, Game On Hai show

Saqlain Mushtaq is one of the funniest member of the Game On Hai panel. He is always there with something funny to tell to his co-members and the audience. In the latest episode he once again shared another funny incident about a former Pakistani player.

Saqlain said that he will not reveal the name but will tell the whole incident. It was about a domestic game in which Saqlain and his side got five lbw dismissals. The coach was not happy and he gathered a team meeting after the game. That was the time when the fun started.

The coach asked the players about what happened inside the ground. Five batters out after the ball hitting their pads is a big question mark on their batting techniques. As per Saqlain the coach was curious to know the fault in the technique. Now he asked a played how he would play a ball which is spinning. The players answered that he would stretch his leg and would then defend it with a straight bat. That was the right technique as per Saqlain and the coach agreed to it as well.

Then the coach asked if you have to get a single on the same ball how would you go for it. The player answered that he will push the ball a little bit. The coach agreed here as well. Then he asked what if you have to take a double on the same ball. The player said that he will push the ball a little harder for a double. The next question was about three runs shot on the same ball. The player then answered that he would try to hit the ball in the gap then. The coach said that then if you can get three run then you can score a four as well.

Then if you can score a four then you can hit a six as well. The coach then asked if you all knew what kind of shots you should be playing in the middle then how five of them fell to leg before wicket. The question made everyone fell in huge laugh in the dressing room. This was indeed hilarious. Mohammad Waseem said that he has gotten an idea about the name. He said that he too has played under the same coach and he then told an incident when this coach was telling his side on how to play swinging ball. There is always a lot to share from these players on this TV show.