Why everyone is jealous of you according to your Zodiac Sign


Taurus (April 20th to May 21st)

The second sign in the zodiac chart is Taurus. Taurus has strength and power due to which it is symbolized by a bull. But Taureans can be both gentle as well as tender in nature, so don’t let the angry bull confuse you. Taureans are easy going and gentle till they are not challenged just like a bull which is always docile unless tempted. Determination is always the key quality of Taureans. Taureans cannot be easily distracted from their goals. They always continue their efforts to reach the desired target.

Taureans never take those unnecessary risks which can lead to any form of loss. According to characteristics and traits of Taurus, they always prefer material gains and comfortable living over everything else which makes them very practical. Taureans always prove to be very good and loyal friends. They only choose few to be friends which are always close to them. They always act as a guide and protector for their friends. So they are always looked up to at needy times. As a friend, you can always depend on them. They are also very good at predicting any situation and hence give good suggestions.