Yasir Shah run out, 1st test, 2nd Innings, Australia 2016

Yasir Shah was the last man out for Pakistan in their historic fight back against Australia today at the Gabba. Yasir looked discomforted after Asad Shafiq got out. Here we can see that he was clearly not mentally present in the ground. He was just too lazy in getting back to the crease.

Smith had all the three stumps to target and his hit them. Yasir was inches away from the crease and the leg umpire gave him out on the spot. With this Australia won the game by 39 runs. It was a remarkable fight from Pakistan but they could not finish as triumphant.

In this over Pakistan lost both Asad Shafiq and Yasir Shah. Asad got a great ball. Starc bowled his heart out in this game especially in the second innings. In each of his over one ball was a wicket taking one. He surprised Sarfraz with his pace and bowled him out.Asad got a short ball. This one was hit on the deck hard and there was plenty of pace behind this one. The ball climbed onto the little fellow pretty quickly. Asad did not get the time to manage this one as per his choice. The ball hit the edge and flew to Warner.

This was the easiest catch for Warner. After a few balls Yasir Shah hit an inner edge to the ball. This went to Smith in the slips. Now Yasir thought the ball went to the fielder with a slow pace. He was out a few paces from his crease. Now here he made a judgmental error. Yasir wanted a single which was not possible. He went back but by that time the ball was in the hands of the Australian skipper. He was standing close to the stumps and he had three stumps to aim at. There was no way Smith would have missed this one.

The ball hit the stumps, uprooted one of them and that was it. Yasir was at a fair distance outside the crease. The leg umpire had an easy call to make. He raised his finger and silently announced Australia as the winner of the first game of the series. But it was a great fight back from the Asian side. Asad Shafiq now has a hundred at Oval, Cape Town and Brisbane. This is a magnificent effort from a player who hails from Asia. It is not easy at all. The Pakistani tail produced a couple of great knocks. In fact Amir, Wahab and Yasir all scored over 30 runs.